What is the 1701 Society?

The 1701 Society is a group of individuals who have an affinity with Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School and are prepared to support it with a regular financial donation.

Whilst it took several years for the school to be built and opened, it was established after a bequest from Sir Joseph Williamson in 1701.

Anyone who holds the school in sufficient regard to make a regular donation in order to support the current pupils and the school’s ongoing development.

Once you have gained membership, you will continue to be a member as long as the regular donation continues.

In addition to the knowledge you are supporting the ongoing development of the school and its community, you will receive a specially commissioned tie and invitations to school events. For the gold membership, you will also receive specially commissioned cufflinks.

We would also be delighted to receive individual or occasional contributions which can be paid to the school by cheque or transfer. Any donation will assist the school, however, only the regular donation will confer membership of The 1701 Society.

It is also possible that some may wish to make a legacy bequest to the school, following the example of Sir Joseph Williamson himself. Legacy bequests to registered charities are free from Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax and recent changes mean that if you leave 10% or more of your estate to registered charity then Inheritance Tax will only be 36% of the remainder of your estate.

Supporting the future

Please contribute to ensure current and future pupils can get the same head start you did.

‘The school’s values and high aspirations are clearly reflected in the student’s outstanding personal development and well-being’